Once the children are in the room then get them in there

Once the children are in the room then get them in there.


 set it running (if you can get someone who knows what they are doing with computers to sit in there with the computer, starting and stopping it running, and saving the files)

An Alternative use of the stereo channels for this application:

Here is an idea for you. Rather than recording in stereo – why not try this?

Your mixer will have a “pan” knob. What this does is send the signal coming in from the microphone to either the right or the left channel, or both if its in the centre.

If you turn the channel thats on the piano all the way to the right, and the two microphones that are on the choir all the way to the left you’ll get the choir recorded on one track, and the piano on the other.

Then, after the children have gone home you can play with the balance between the piano and the choir. You don’t have to worry about the piano being too loud during the recording, you just have to make sure that you have a good clean signal that isn’t “peaking”.


You then mix it down to a mono track, and then separate it back to stereo before burning the tracks to CD. This way you’ll get a nice clean representation of the childrens voices and your piano playing. It wont have true “stereo” but you’ve got to ask yourself..does that really matter?

This is a cheap and nasty way of doing what they do in sophisitcated recording studios where they have many many tracks available. With a standard computer you have two input channels (right and left) – that is it, and this method allows you the most important thing.. being able to hear your children sing.


The second question… adding Keyboard and Drums

If it was me doing this… then I don’t think I would bother – I would use the method suggested above, and then give out a CD that the children could be really proud of because it is what their choir sounds like.

However, if you want to do it – this is what I would do:

I would record the piano first – using MIDI, and record it to a click track. You need sequencer software to do this, such as Cubase, Cakewalk or Garage Band. There is probably free ones available, but the one i’m familiar with is Cakewalk Home Studio. Its fairly easy to use, and you hook up a digital piano using MIDI (musical instrument digital interface) cables.

Once you’ve got the piano recorded to click track, you can go ahead and add midi drums, keyboards, sound effects or whatever you like, whenever you want to.. as the click track will hold it all together in time.

Programs like Cakewalk home studio have facility to record Audio as well, on top of Midi – so you record the choir direct into the software, but I wouldn’t suggest playing at the same time.

Ifm you’re going to do this I would:

1) Record the piano via midi to a click track.

2) Record the choir while conducting, not playing. You’ll need to have the piano being played back through a speaker of course so the kids can hear it, but you want to minimize the amount of piano coming through, as you dont really want it to be picked up by the microphones. As it is exactly what is on the final mix it shouldn’t matter that much. Your computer needs to be more powerful to do this, but better computers should cope with it.

3) Add the drums, keyboard, sound effects on the top in Cakewalk Home Studio and prepare it for mix down using this software

Once again, I would ask myself… does drums and stuff really matter? I think I’d try and focus more on the physical qualities… getting the CD produced nicely with good quality printing on the CDs and booklets.. These CDs are physical items that if done well the children will cherish for ever… lets face it, they aren’t going to get played much, but they will be kept… particularly if they have the children’s photos on. So my priority for budget would be:

– Hiring good microphones and a mixer for around $100

– Getting good quality CD printing and artwork done.

only THEN would I think about adding other tracks and fancy stuff.

This is a huge topic, and I’ve only scratched the surface. Others will surely have other ideas on


Me from spending a few years as a case manager in an in-patient substance

me from spending a few years as a case manager in an in-patient tele-mental-health-program

substance abuse facility at the beginning of my career to later working as a therapist in an in-patient center treating substance abuse, mental health, and eating disorders. In recent years, I’ve also worked in individual therapy with clients who suffer from problematic drinking habits, have significant substance abuse histories, or who use other substances recreationally.


The history behind substance abuse treatment has, until recently, almost exclusively focused on getting people to commit to and practice abstinence and total sobriety. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) have been go-to referrals for many people seeking help with sobriety and are considered prerequisites in any recovery treatment model. Unfortunately, there is one glaring problem with these models — they don’t work, at least not for everyone.

There are several reasons why the AA and NA models don’t work universally, without falling into the label of “treatment failure,” which is often used as a label that inadvertently blames addicts. Instead, we must recognize that there is a range of ways to measure improvement, and other ways to help people improve their lives and therefore weaken the grip of addiction. I’m talking here about what we call “harm reduction,” a growing movement in the field of substance abuse treatment that is giving more people hope for a future free from addiction. Before getting into Harm Reduction, let’s look at why AA and NA programs are not working for everyone.

What’s wrong with AA and NA?

It isn’t that AA and NA are terrible models for recovery, or that they haven’t helped many, many people achieve sobriety. I always tell my clients that if they find something that works for them, and if it is helping them achieve their goals, they should keep doing it. I have no qualms with people using AA or NA as a support and structure system that helps them gain freedom from alcohol or substance abuse. The problem is that they are not magic formulas that work for everyone, for a variety of reasons. Here are a few:


The first “step” in the 12-step AA model is that you need to admit that you are powerless over alcohol or drugs, and that you are unable to stop using on your own. This is useful to some people, because it helps them get into the mindset that they do really need help. For others though, it feels too disempowering. Some people do want power over their addiction, rather than frame their situation in a way that gives the addiction or substance all the power. From the outset, telling people that they are powerless over certain substances gets them in a mental framework that says they are not capable of controlling their own choices and behaviors, which may not be helpful to all.

Total sobriety/failure model

Another part of the AA/NA model is the “chip” system. When you walk in to a 12-step program for the first time, you get a “chip” that serves to commemorate your sobriety journey. As you progress through the program, you collect more chips upon achieving markers such as 30-days sober, or a year sober. If you pick up a drink or use again, you’re back to day one, and typically expected to come into the group and pick up a 1-day chip, which basically announces to the group that you “relapsed.”

The reality of the total sobriety/failure model of accountability is that it may work with some people to stay on track with their goals, but for others is actually a humiliating exercise which they may feel points to them as being a failure. This feeling can ultimately cause people to avoid returning to the group at all, because they don’t want to be seen by their peer group as having failed at sobriety. A different approach is needed for this group of people, who don’t want one drink to mean that their previous efforts at sobriety cease to matter and they’re starting over at square one.

Ultimately, it is not our place to tell people what their goals should be. Some people just don’t want to be completely sober.

Another problem with this total sobriety model is that in all honesty, some people just don’t want total sobriety. They want to be able to enjoy a few beers at a barbecue, or be able to toast on New Year’s Eve with the recognition that they don’t need or want to be getting fully drunk in these scenarios.

There are also people who may have been on some really hard drugs from which they do want sobriety, but who want to be able to go out to dinner and consume a couple drinks without being labeled as an “addict.” AA and NA do not provide any framework for a person who wants this, and thus they leave out people who do what want to change their habits, but who may not want total sobriety.

Kareena Kapoor is mother! It only takes a pregnancy.

Kareena Kapoor is mother!

It only takes a pregnancy announcement for people to start speculating about a woman’s availability for work. It’s a very subtle undermining of women’s productivity and is often used to justify perceptions of men’s superiority in the professional sphere.

Thankfully, we have women like Kareena Kapoor who are challenging these assumptions.

The Ki and Ka star may have enjoyed limited success in shattering gender stereotypes with her last film, but with her real-life choices in managing her career and public appearances during her pregnancy, she shows how women can’t let society define what they can and can’t do.


Bollywood babe Kareena Kapoor will be seen in the role of a mother. The heroine who has trembled the curtain for so long, she will now be able to become a mother.
He has recently signed a film in Dharma Productions. In contrast, Siddharth Malhotra will be seen opposite him.
But in the new film, she will play Kareena as the mother.
The story of Kareena’s upcoming movie ‘Bire the Wedding’ will be released on June 
Kareena is going to be released within the day. Kareena’s new picture ‘Bheer the Wedding’. This is the story of Kareena Kapoor film after the movie. Shashanka Ghosh is the story of four daughters in the film.
Karin is the name of Kareena in this film. She herself is a ‘Commitment Fobic’. In an interview, Kareena said, “My character is Kalindi Commitment Fobi. But I got married, in reality my son also is. So I do not think I have a similarity with this character.

Selena Gomez Posted a Reminder That Instagram Is Not Reality.

Selena Gomez Posted a Reminder That Instagram Is Not Reality

Selena posted a photo looking happy as ever, laughing with friends (and even
Selena Gomez is one of Instagram’s most-followed, but even she knows how difficult it can be to deal with the negative effects of social media. On Tuesday, August 21, the star wrote a message to her fans about misconceived social media realities.

Selena posted a photo looking happy as ever, laughing with friends (and even wearing smiley-face earrings!). The original caption said: A few of my favorite things in the entire world!!!”
Shortly after, she updated her caption to add a PSA for her followers: “UPDATE: I had something I’ve thought about for a while that I want to share. This page is my highlights and a few low lights. I post what I am willing to share with you guys.

Date Night! Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra Join Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner For Dinner

Date Night! Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra Join Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner For Dinner



Looks like things are still "burning up" for Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra. The couple kicked off Priyanka 36th birthday festivities early by celebrating in London on July 16 with Joe Jonas and his fiancée, Sophie Turner (who plays a badass TV heroine), and their oldest brother, Kevin Jonas. For the festivities, Priyanka wore a striped midi shirt dresswith white mules.
While this isn the actress & first time meeting Nick family (she accompanied him to a wedding in June), things definitely appear more and more serious between the two since their relationship went public in May. After all, he reportedly met her mother, Madhu, a few weeks ago. We can  wait to see what romantic are this couple embarks on next!